Caffeine from organic green coffee beans

Power Water’s contains an extract from organic green coffee beans grown on small plantations respecting the environment and local communities. For its cultivation no chemical substances are used, and processes are subject to strict quality controls.

  • caffeine from green coffee beans 22 mg / 100 ml
  • prestigious USDA Organic certificate
  • strictly controlled quality
  • it acts as a spur and improves mood
  • improves motor coordination and physical strength
  • the main source of antioxidant activity
  • oxygenates the brain and improves mental processes

Crystal clear mineral water

Water on the basis of which hypotonic Power Water’s drink is created comes from a crystal clear source located amongst mountains and forests of Gorce and Beskid Wyspowy. It contains beneficial electrolytes and minerals.

  • 0 calories
  • 0% fast and 0% sugar
  • 0% colorants and preservatives
  • hypotonic drink – hydrates well
  • rich in electrolytes and minerals

Cations mg/l
Sodium Na+ 9.33
Potassium K+ 1.35
Calcium Ca 2+ 57.72
Magnesium Mg 2+ 14.13

Anions mg/l
Bicarbonates HCO3- 176.95
Chloride Cl- 47.87
Sulphate SO4 2- 20.8