An idea for a healthy energy drink

Powerek had enough of unhealthy energy drinks which he drunk nearly every day. He thought: “Why is there nothing than could give me energy and not harm my health?”. It seemed so easy, but… There was nothing on the market worth attention apart from coffee. Several days later in one of coffee shops in Cracow he was enlightened. There was espresso and water on the table in front of him. He thought: “a source of life – water and a source of energy – coffee” – perfect combination. Since then, a project entitled HEALTHY ENERGY DRINK has become his obsession!

Looking for inspiration

Great water was not a problem for Powerek, as Poland is famous for fantastic sources of mineral water. He chose water from the Gorce Mountains and Beskid Wyspowy. Caffeine turned out to be a bigger challenge. Having visited numerous countries of South America, he selected the best green coffee beans grown organically in Ecuador.


Implementation of ideas

Powerek is a chemist by education and he did not have any troubles in combining water and caffeine. The formula written on a piece of paper on a rainy evening has been decorating a wall in his laboratory until now.


Powerek selected several befriended fitness clubs for testing. There he found a huge group of physically and mentally active people. The feedback he received confirmed that his work performed for a few months was not pointless.



After several months since launching PowerWater’s on the Polish market, the drink attracted several dozen thousand customers. Day after day the PowerWater’s family is getting stronger:)